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The Game

RFP is a chopper action shooter game where you have to fulfill given missions and progress from one mission to the next, following a story. The game is still under heavy development. Planed release date is end 2016 but a one mission playable demo will be release in the first half of 2016.
As RFP is developed and programmed by a single person in spare time only, development is progressing slow ;-)

EARLY ALPHA 2016-01-31

From time to time I will post a video on YouTube to show the current development progress.
(This video does not play the original game sound, as it was corrupted and I had to replace it with a youtube music)

LevelEditor Test 2016-05-31

I was looking for a good and quick solution to create decent looking levels. So I'am working on a little leveleditor.


[2016-05-31] Working on a level within the gameengine is no fun. I started to create my own leveleditor.

[2016-05-04] I am just working on a second level or map, as the first one is pretty simple. Get more updates at the facebook account.

[2016-03-18] Still working. Included secondary weapons like rockets. Did a better looking user interface then the one shown in the video above. Programmed a loader for the game. So the game is always up to date when you start it, as it gets the updates from the website. Did a lot of new routines and included dynamic music. Still not worth a public demo version.

[2016-01-31] Don't worry. I am still working on that project nearly every night. I did a minimap, a fuel and health bar, settings and credit screen, enemy rocket launcher controlled by enemy radar and much more. But it is still not really playable. So no demo release by now but I recorded a little video to show you what it looks like ...

[2015-12-24] The video (*removed* and replaced by a new one) above, dated 2015-09 is really out of date. Starting 2015-11 I did a total rewrite of the game, especially I replaced the graphics. The graphics you see in the video from 2015-09 where self-made by me, where the graphics you see in the images above are from 2015-11 or 2015-12 and where created by a more talented designer ;-)

I really try hard to create a playable one mission demo version, and I hope I will be able to release it in January 2016.

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RealFirePower - The Game
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spare-time project by
Mirko 'NAPALM' Tocchella

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